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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bikini Wax & Bruises

I spent twenty minutes today explaining what IVF is to the Russian woman giving me a bikini wax. I don’t usually have such conversations when getting the “hedges trimmed” but when I took off my pants and hopped up on the table, she noticed the bruising on my stomach and asked me what that was from. It started innocently enough when I told her that I’ve been getting shots. Not satisfied, she asked why I was getting shots. It’s a bold and somewhat personal question but let’s face it – if you’re waxing someone’s cha cha, formalities are a tad out the window.

I figured, screw it and admitted the shots were for IVF. Some of my closest friends know nothing about this but tonight, Ivana the wax girl was included in on my secret.

"IVF?", she asked as she got her equipment out.

"InVitro Fertilization." I thought the longer word would make something click. She still didn’t know what I was talking about.

And so it began. I explained to the basics of IVF while she gave me my bikini wax. It sounded something a little like this:

"The injections in my stomach help me produce extra eggs..."


"They then remove the eggs and fertilize them outside of my body..."


"Then, they put them back in… oh, I’m sorry… do you need me to lift my leg?


"Ouch. And then hopefully, the fertilized eggs implant... that means attach to my uterus... and then I’ll be pregnant."

Last night, was the HCG shot. That was the final injection after thirteen consecutive days of various shots. If I had rabies, I apparently would have had injections for a similar amount of time. Remind me never to get rabies.

Sam, of course, was the one to give me the HCG shot and it really is the most important one. Understandably, he was nervous but he did a wonderful job. His two weeks of practicing on a grapefruit paid off. He also said, "It was much harder to give the shot to the grapefruit. Your ass was way easier." I sincerely took that as compliment. My ass is better than a grapefruit everybody! It makes no sense but I’ll take any positive feedback I can get right now.

Tomorrow is the retrieval, which is why I thought I should clean up my lower region. When you got guests coming over, you straighten up. So, at the end of my waxing, Ivana looked at me very seriously and said, "Next time you come back, you’ll be pregnant and I’ll make sure my waxing won’t hurt the baby." It’s an odd sentiment, but a very sweet one that was appreciated.

So, we’re in the home stretch. I called this blog "The 2 Week Wait" and in 3 to 5 days, my two week wait will begin. During that period, I plan to write every day. I hope you’ll be there reading, commenting, laughing and wishing me the best. I know I’m wishing all of you the best. I’m also wishing that your bikini waxes are painless and that all of YOUR asses are better than a grapefruit.


Anonymous said...

I dont know you but I sincerely hope all goes well tommorow and I pray that after your 2 week wait you'll have a happy and healthy 9 months!

the2weekwait said...

Thank you very, very much. I sincerely appreciate it. :)

Lizz said...

That was hilarious... the chat with your waxer and with your husband about the grapefruit... BTW good luck

the2weekwait said...

Thank you very much Lizz. And please feel free to tell your friends about my fabulous un-grapefrut-like ass! LOL! :)

Secret Sloper said...

Oh, Ivana is so sweet. I hope she is both a waxer and a fortune teller.

I had a similar encounter at Buy Buy Baby last fall when picking up a shower gift for a friend. I started chatting with the lady wrapping the gifts about all the pregnant friends I had to buy things for, and I think she could tell I was a little sad when I answered "Not yet," to the question of whether we had kids. "Next time you come here, you'll be pregnant," she said-- and she was right! (Okay, and then I miscarried, but random gift wrappers can't be expected to know *everything*)

Good luck! Hoping you get a happy 2ww and then 9 long months :)

Nadine @ BDG said...

Did I totally laugh out loud on this one?! hilarious

YumYumQueen said...

Great post!

Humor definitely makes this process a bit easier to handle!


Anonymous said...

I just read this blog today june 6th, so I guess the 2 WW is long over and sincerely hope you had a positive outcome. Your words made me smile as I prepare to embark on the IVF experience for the first time after three miscarriages, i just made look simpler, and a bit funny:) best of wishes

Dina said...

why do you prefer to get a brazilian bikini wax after your injection? isn't it harmful for someone trying to conceive? just asking....

Jay said...

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John said...

That was hilarious conversation with your waxier omg.

Brazilian wax

Justine Cricks said...

Aww, Ivana is so sweet. During my waxing experiences, it actually helps in easing the pain if there’s a conversation, especially an interesting one, is going on between you and the aesthetician. So, I guess this waxing experience of yours is truly a remarkable one.

Justine Cricks

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